The posts linked below provide commentary on videos relevant to the focus of Remnant Culture.


• Religion and Babies with Hans Rosling
TED Talks

• Entrepreneurship in South Africa with Malik Fal
ABN Digital

• Equality and Human Dignity with Bill Maher & Charles Murray
Real Time with Bill Maher

• Transformation and the Human Heart with Chuck Colson
Acton Institute

• The Fairest Trade of All with Victor Claar
Values & Capitalism


• Embracing God's Message, Ignoring His Method with Peter Greer

• The Most Meaningless Man in the World
Values & Capitalism

• Scientific Pretensions with David Berlinski
Uncommon Knowledge

• Privilege as a Means to Do Good with Anthony Bradley
Marketplace One

• A Salvation Agenda with Rick Perry
The Response

• Individualism vs. Collectivism with Aeon Skoble

• Focus on Human Potential with Michael Miller
Poverty Cure

• The Morality of Profit with Tom Palmer
Atlas Network

• The Heart of the Entrepreneur with Brett and Emily Geselle

• Rescuing Social Justice with Michael Novak
American Enterprise Institute

• What Would Jesus Take? with Lawrence O'Donnell

•  A Virtual Choir: Globalization and the True Community with Eric Whitacre
TED Talks

• Intergenerational Justice with Gideon Strauss, Jordan Ballor, Jennifer Marshall, Ron Sider, Ryan Streeter, and Jonathan Merritt
Common Sense Concept

• Big Bad Machines with IOU Project
IOU Project

• It Takes a Market with Milton Friedman

• Functional Universalism with David Platt
The Church at Brook Hills

• The Magic Washing Machine with Hans Rosling
TED Talks

• Regenerated Value with John Piper
Desiring God

• Attacking Constantine with Greg Boyd
Christus Victor

• It Takes a Civilization with Thomas Thwaites
TED Talks

• How Political Idealism Threatens Our Civilization with Kenneth Minogue
Oxford Libertarian Society

• Jesus Was a Liberal Democrat with Stephen Colbert
The Colbert Report

• Resolving Biblical Tension with John MacArthur
Shepherds' Conference


• Foreign Aid: A System of Economic Slavery

• 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes with Hans Rosling

• The Ultimate Resource with June Arunga
The Economist

• Burn: Asking the Right Questions
Common Sense Concept

• Liberation Theology: Doing vs. Learning with Sam Gregg, Anielka Munkel, and Jordan Ballor
Acton Institute

• The Knowledge Crisis with Albert Mohler
Desiring God

• Charity as Investment with Bill and Melinda Gates
60 Minutes

• 10 Hot Dogs, 8 Buns with John Hargrave

• Envy and Economics with Victor Claar, Emily Batman, and Joseph Sunde
American Enterprise Institute

• Cultural Barriers in China with Zhang Xin

• Justification as the Root with John Piper
Desiring God

• Greed and Capitalism with Milton Friedman

• The New Science of Morality with Jonathan Haidt
Edge Foundation

• Federalism, Societal Innovation, and the Church with Thomas E. Woods
Ludwig von Mises Institute

• Chinese Food, Chicken McNuggets, and the Gospel with Jennifer 8. Lee
TED Talks

• The Empathic Civilization with Jeremy Rifkin

• Music for Hard Times with Robert Randolph and the Family Band

• Environmental Entrepreneurship in Nairobi with Evans Githinji

• The Sin Police with Douglas Wilson
Canon Wired

• Intellectualism and the Gospel with John Piper
Desiring God

• Intensive Farming with Matt Ridley
The Rational Optimist

• Money, Greed and God: Is Capitalism Evil? with Jay Richards
Foundation for Economic Education

• We Are All Kings Now with Matt Ridley
The Rational Optimist

• Are Satisfied with a Life on Welfare? with Pamela Stout
David Letterman

• A Case Study in Entrepreneurship with Manakintowne Speciality Growers

• Building a Kingdom vs. Receiving a Kingdom with Michael Horton
The Resurgence

• Responsibility to the Poor with Milton Friedman

• A Case Study in Entrepreneurship with Grape + Bean
Caleb Brown

• The Monopoly Myth: The Case of Standard Oil with Alex Epstein
Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

• A Day in the Life of a Financial Speculator with Justin Rowlatt and Hugh Hendry

• Is War Inseparable from the Human Condition? with Victor Davis Hanson and Peter Robinson
Uncommon Knowledge

• Can Music Fight Homelessness? with Tyler Blanski
Think Out Loud