The posts linked below provide commentary on articles relevant to the focus of Remnant Culture.


• Tradition for Innovation by James K.A. Smith
Faith and Leadership

• How to Win the Public on Homosexuality by Collin Hansen
The Gospel Coalition

• Why I am Not a Libertarian by Nathan Schlueter
Public Discourse

• Small Is Beautiful (Except When It Isn’t) by Jordan Ballor
Comment Magazine

• “Fair Trade Products Are Too Pricey” by Julie Clawson

• What Is a Christian Libertarian? by Joe Carter
Acton PowerBlog


• Millennials Rethink Christianity
Barna Group

• The Values Debate We’re Not Having by Richard Cizik
Washington Post

• Individuals and Communities: No Man Is an Island by Ryan Messmore
The Foundry

• The Dominion Of Providence Over The Passions Of Men by John Witherspoon
Liberty Fund

• Big Questions for Business Leaders by Gideon Strauss
Comment Magazine

• Gospel or Justice, Which? by Russell Moore
Moore to the Point

• The Soothsayers of Macroeconomics by Arnold Kling
The American

• Projecting Poverty Where It Doesn't Exist by Steven Saint
Mission Frontiers

• We Need Boring Christians by Andrew Byers

• Asking Candidates Tougher Questions About Faith by Bill Keller
New York Times

• Torah and Social Justice by Peter Leithart
First Things

• Population Boom by Jeff Jacoby
Boston Globe

• The Circle of Protection: A Round-Up of Christian Responses
NRO, IRD, Acton Institute, Pursuing Truth, Think Christian

• Obama Prays for Solution to Debt Crisis by Paul Bedard
US News

• #ActonU: The Week in Tweets
Acton University

• Capitalism, Socialism, and the Possibility of Civilization by Art Carden

• Plurality of Americans believe capitalism at odds with Christianity
Public Religion Research Institute

• Pushing Buttons Like the Jetsons by Jeffrey Tucker
Ludwig von Mises Institute

• Why Religious People Struggle with Economics by Jeffrey Tucker
Ludwig von Mises Institute

• Don't Be Snobbish Towards Merchants & Entrepreneurs with Deirdre McCloskey
Aid Watch

• Party in Search of a Notion by Michael Tomasky
The American Prospect

• The Romance of Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton

• What Would Jesus Cut? by Jim Wallis
The Huffington Post

• Prophet Motive by John Cassidy
The New Yorker

• A Romantic Boom and Bust by Tho Bishop
Ludwig von Mises Institute

• How Entrepreneurs Think by Leigh Buchanan
Inc. Magazine

• The Immateriality of Wealth by Jay Richards
The American


• How Economics Saved Christmas by Art Carden

• You Can't Say No To Facebook by Michael Knox Beran
The Corner

• Human Nature and Capitalism by Arthur Brooks and Peter Wehner
The American

• The Weird Reason to Have More Kids by Bryan Caplan

• Why We Can't Help But Legislate Morality by Micah Watson
The Witherspoon Institute

• A Brief Theology of Designated Gifts by Douglas Wilson

• World Domination by Justin Holcomb
The Resurgence

• What the Market Needs to Be Moral by Joe Carter
First Things

• The Billionaire's Dilemma by Angus Whitley and Elisabeth Behrmann

• U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey from Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Pew Research Center

• Jesus Paid Taxes by Mark Dever
Capitol Hill Baptist

• The Christian Origins of Social Justice by Anthony Bradley
WORLD Magazine

• The Gospel of Wealth by David Brooks
New York Times

• The World Is Filled with Boys Who Can Shave by Mark Driscoll
Washington Post

• Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Take the Pledge by Kimberly O. Dennis
Wall Street Journal

• Status Hiatus by Michael Knox Beran
National Review

• In Praise of Fast Food by Rachel Laudan
Utne Reader

• The Last Dregs of Christendom by Douglas Wilson
Canon Press

• Fertility and Suicide in Israel by David P. Goldman
First Things

• Pay What You Wish with Ayelet Gneezy
Science Magazine

• Eco-Consumerism and Moral Licensing by Michael Rosenwald
Washington Post

• All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior
New York Magazine

• Why Can I Not Follow You Now? by Oswald Chambers
My Utmost for His Highest

• Speech on the Declaration of Independence by Calvin Coolidge

• Public Justice vs. Social Justice an interview with Gideon Strauss

• Can a Good Christian Be a Socialist? by Jay Richards
The American

• Moonshine or the Kids? by Nicholas Kristof
The New York Times

• Panera Goes Nonprofit by Bruce Horovitz
USA Today

• The Moral Life of Babies by Paul Bloom
New York Times Magazine

• Rwanda's Coffee Success Story by William Easterly and Laura Freschi
Aid Watch

• Attention Whole Foods Shoppers by Robert Paarlberg
Foreign Policy

• Is Aid a Matter of Justice? by Marian Tupy
Wall Street Journal

• Are We a Self-Hating Commercial Society? by Jeffrey Tucker
Ludwig von Mises Institute

• Free, Tolerant, and Happy by Richard Florida
The Atlantic

• The Global Phones-to-Toilets Ratio by Te-Ping Chen

• Farewell emerging church, 1989-2010 by Anthony Bradley
WORLD Magazine

• Obama, the Tea Party, and Immanentizing the Christian Eschaton by Robert Cheeks
Postmodern Conservative

• Exploring the New Monasticism by Ashley Wolpert

• Do Green Products Make Us Better People? by Nina Mazar and Chen-Bo Zhong
Psychological Science

• If a Libertarian Gave a Sermon for Passover by Arnold Kling

• In the Beginning Was Nothing: A Creation Story for Young Materialists by Joe Carter
First Things

• The Real Culture War is Over Capitalism by Arthur C. Brooks
Wall Street Journal

•  Gendercide: The war on baby girls
The Economist

• Isaiah's Job by Albert Jay Nock
Ludwig von Mises Institute