About the Author

Joseph Sunde is a husband, father, and writer from Minneapolis, MN. He is the founder and lead writer of Remnant Culture and is a regular contributor to the American Enterprise Institute's Values & Capitalism project and Ethika Politika, the blog of the Center for Morality in Public Life.

Outside of writing, Joseph is an active musician and enjoys spending the majority of his free time with his wife Moriah (also a blogger) and two children, Josiah and Lucia.

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What Is Remnant Culture?

RemnantCulture.com is a blog focused on answering fundamental questions about the role of earthly systems in a heavenly context. So often we hear discourse about what human systems God prefers (e.g. what denomination He belongs to, what political party He belongs to, what football team He roots for, etc.). Whether it's politics, religion, or even our own petty hobbies, we like to think God is on our side.

But if humanity is inherently flawed, then certainly our earthly systems are flawed as well. And if that is truly the case, how can we redeem them? Is such redemption even possible, or is it confined to us as individuals? These questions are broad in scope, because "earthly systems" can refer to almost anything involved with communal human activity: family structures, neighborhoods, houses of worship, socio-economic systems, nation-states, various cultures and subcultures, etc. It is only logical, then, that the answers will vary, which is why RemnantCulture.com was started in the first place.

Too often we get cozy in our own ideological bubbles only to find out that our preconceived notions don't hold up under scrutiny, which is why my hope for this blog is that it serves as a hub for varied discussion — one in which we can be open, honest, and vulnerable about our deepest questions about God, man, community, and everything in between.

But although I hope to attract readers (and writers) from a variety of perspectives, this blog is primarily written based on a specific ideological framework. This framework is not meant to be an end-all solution. Nor do I want it to limit our discussion. Rather, I hope to bring my views to the table as a hypothesis to be tested by your scrutiny — your opinion, your perspective, your worldview.

So, as an introductory overview, my hypothesis can be understood through the following two components:

  • Radical Individualism — Individualism has several definitions, not to mention several varying contexts. On this blog, Radical Individualism combines the fundamental core of traditional individualism (the pursuit of one's own goals, plans, self-interest, etc.) with the principles of self-sacrifice Jesus put forth in the Gospels. The "radical," then, comes in to play by turning traditional individualism on its head — for if we are to follow Jesus' most radical commands (e.g. believe He died on the Cross, sacrifice our lives for others, give up our wealth for His name, etc.) we must assume a radical view of self-interest. Radical Individualism, therefore, promotes the idea that true self-interest is both rational and just, not because it is aligned with the individual, but because the individual is aligned with God.

  • True Community — True Community can be seen as the natural byproduct of Radical Individualism. If individuals are living lives of self-sacrifice and devotion to God (which is in their self interest), such lives will most likely prompt them to join with others and form voluntary and highly effective communities. The only reason the word "true" is even necessary is that throughout much of today's society we have seen a perversion of the term "community" by those who think it means a forceful round-up of people for a common social goal. This blog differs by seeing community as a strictly voluntary outcome, where people join together based solely on choice and mutual interest.

    • The proper execution of these two components would result in the Remnant Culture — a culture formed by free individuals, each of whom is pursuing their own relationship with God successfully and coming together freely to accomplish community goals. This culture is not one defined by geography or ethnicity or tradition or political identity, but simply by the maximization of individual potential through heavenly eyes.

      For more information on the ideological mission of RemnantCulture.com, see the first article posted on the blog.

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