Russell Moore on the Pastor and Politics

Dr. Russell Moore of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is one of the clearest voices on the intersection of religion and politics. In a recent forum on the relationship between ministry and politics, my good friend Andrew Walker interviewed Dr. Moore on the subject, focusing specifically on how we should think about these issues in the context of the upcoming presidential election.

Dr. Moore offers plenty to chew on for Christians from all perspectives, but I find his challenges to the Religious Right most prescient.

Key takeaway: Politics is important, but not ultimate. We have responsibility, but in exercising that responsibility, Christians can also have tranquility. Other topics include political authority, political submission, Christian identity, natural rights, and how we engage with other Christians and non-Christians in the public sphere.

Watch the whole thing, of course, but for all ye time-crunched masses, here’s a taste:

Russell Moore, Southern Baptist Theological SeminaryThe danger in our context right now is not so much that you have Christians who aren’t going to devote enough energy in the political sphere. Instead, it’s that you have Christians who get their entire identity out of things such as political engagement, because it’s not devoted out of a motive of justice and neighbor love. It’s instead coming out of a motive of self-identification.

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  • Remnant Culture

    "Politics is important, but not ultimate." Russell Moore on the Pastor and Politics: @drmoore @walker_andrew


    "Politics is important, but not ultimate." Russell Moore on the Pastor and Politics: @drmoore @walker_andrew

  • Jon DeLaurie

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