The Scientific Pretentions of Secularist Idolatry

The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific PretentionsThe media has recently exhibited significant puzzlement upon discovering that some people — namely, Christian conservatives — still don’t accept the theory of evolution. It may, however, come as an even greater shock to learn that such crazies are not alone. Indeed, plenty of Americans express significant skepticism over whether such theories constitute “serious science” (as Bill Keller so omnisciently discerns it).

So why is this? Are the bulk of Americans a bunch of know-nothing fools, opting for silly superstition when they could be signing up for membership at the Temple of Secularism? Is Jon Huntsman right to fret over “our side” being perceived as “anti-science” for its skepticism toward the prevailing “experts” of the day? (Huntsman? Concerned about “perception”? Nahhhhh!)

The issue, of course, has nothing to do with being “anti-science” — that is, unless you position human-constructed science and the intelligentsia’s current infatuation with evolution as some all-explaining, all-perfect source of information for understanding all things (e.g. the existence of God).

In a recent interview with David Berlinski, author of The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretentions, such questions about what science actually knows and actually can know are made clear, with Berlinski claiming in one segment that evolution “makes little sense” and is supported by little evidence. For Berlinski — an agnostic — the bloated scientific pretentions of pseudo-Christian-Mormon fushionist Huntsman’s securalist subservience amount to shameless religiosity at best.

Watch part 1 of the interview below  (for additional segments, go here):

As Berlinski explains in his book (and as Robinson partially quotes in the above video):

In many respects the word naturalism comes closest to conveying what scientists regard as the spirit of science, the source of its superiority to religious thought. It is commended as an attitude, a general metaphysical position, a universal doctrine—and often all three…[But] what reason is there to conclude that everything is [to quote philosopher Alexander Byrne] an “aspect of the universe revealed by the natural sciences”? There is no reason at all.

The irony, of course, is that this ever-expanding idolatry of so-called “natural science” and the bullying that so often accompanies it work toward diminishing intellectual curiosity on the whole, which in turn inhibits our fundamental quest for truth (whether “scientific” or beyond).

Unfortunately, the trend goes well beyond biology and climatology (etc.). In economic science, we are constantly confronted with theories and policies based around a denial, dismissal or subversion of the spiritual side of man and nature, an approach oriented toward a static world that can only be saved by the all-knowing “science” of academic soothsayers and planners, and only be implemented by the proper henchmen of the given earthly domain.

What is required is a well-rounded discussion and orientation around what exactly nature is, along with a healthy dose of skepticism and curiosity about what it could be. This, however, promotes belief, and in turn, will always provoke the ideological insecurities and self-denial of superstitious secularists. It illuminates how wide their confidence actually stretches when it comes to the extensive and absolute knowledge they supposedly hold.

Enlightened? No. “Serious”? Indeed.

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    Is every aspect of the universe revealed by the natural sciences? David Berlinski answers in an interview with…

  • Remnant Culture

    David Berlinski, Jon Huntsman, & the scientific pretentions of secularist idolatry (via @uncknowledge)

  • Joseph Sunde

    ICYMI: I have a post today on Huntsman and the scientific pretensions he so readily defers to.

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  • Jacqueline Otto

    On @RemnantCulture, with @josephsunde – I had seen this Berlinski interview, excellent!

  • Joseph Sunde

    On @RemnantCulture, with @josephsunde – I had seen this Berlinski interview, excellent!