Passion Is Not Enough: Asking the Right Questions

The new project I’m blogging for, Common Sense Concept, is focused on exploring the morality of capitalism. They have just released a new video to promote their cause, and I think it’s pretty effective.

My favorite line is this: “It’s one thing to give the shirt off your back, but it’s no good if you’re just sitting their shirtless.”

Watch the video here:

The video tries to tap into the youthful passion inside us all — the passion to change the world. Unfortunately, what has been lost on many is that good intentions are not enough. We need to be able to ask the right questions.

The narrator offers some great examples of these types of questions:

How could we protect a neighborhood without knowing what it takes to maintain one. How could we promote stronger communities without building better families? How could we demand jobs without knowing how jobs are created? If we are going to demand food for the poor, we should know how goods are distributed, wealth is generated.

Common Sense ConceptThis has become somewhat of a recurring theme at this blog as well. What role does proper reflection and learning play in informing proper action and execution? How do we channel our passions in a way that actually, truly transforms the world?

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