10 Hot Dogs, 8 Buns: The Moral Implications of Consumer Demand

Victor Claar recently posted an amusing video over at his blog which humorously illuminates our role in keeping producers in check.

You can watch the video here:

Since I don’t suspect this video was intended to serve as a serious indictment of Oscar Mayer or Wonder Bread, I don’t intend to get too serious with my comments.

I do, however, think it’s a fun opportunity to stop and think about consumer demand. Oscar Mayer and Wonder Bread will probably decide to ignore this guy’s complaint, and presumably there is a good reason to do so. But what if another hot dog company emerges that decides to do things differently? What if someone else finds an equally profitable way to package hot dogs in groups of 8? If the actual consumer demand is significant enough, the assumption is that consumers will migrate from 10-packs to 8-packs accordingly.

But this concept becomes much more important when we look at it on a deeper level. Free societies not only present us with material choices; they also present us with moral choices. We as individuals and communities have the power to define the market. It’s a very simple point, but it’s one that many seem to forget.

Oscar Mayer Hot DogsFor example, if we have a society filled with strip clubs, pornography, and prostitution, we cannot first and foremost blame the producers that provided them. Likewise, no matter how perverse the policy incentives may be, it ultimately comes down to what we as a culture demand.

Darnit. I guess that was a little too serious.

What are your thoughts?

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  • http://twitter.com/remnantculture/status/26395941046 Remnant Culture

    Watch one guy solve a longstanding dilemma: Hot dogs come in 10-packs, buns comes in 8-packs. http://bt.io/G6hg (H/T @VictorClaar)

  • http://www.wayfaring-stranger.com Riley Carson

    This is hardly new, actually this was pulled from a scene in Father of the Bride. Sorry guy, it's been a skit around California DECA and Econ classes since I was in HS (pre-2004)

  • http://www.remnantculture.com/ Remnant Culture

    Yup. He doesn't call it a “classic” problem for no reason. ;)

    I thought it was post-worthy just because I thought it was funny. Yes, even more so than Father of the Bride!

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  • http://twitter.com/remnantculture/status/26577298041 Remnant Culture

    My thoughts on hot dogs, buns, and the moral implications of consumer demand: http://bt.io/G7Pa