The Protectionist Impulse: “Why Do I Have to Share My Job with Jimmy?!”

Today at Ethika Politika I share my thoughts on how free trade and globalization lead to greater individual fulfillment and human flourishing.

More specifically, I encourage Americans to let go of their “protectionist impulse,” which is often evidenced by questions like these:

[W]hy is the broadening of [...] exchange necessary? Why must we share our beloved jobs with others at a lower price? Why are we sacrificing America’s long history of manufacturing for “mere profit”? Are we really willing to give up our call-centers, programming units, and esteemed automobile industry (don’t laugh!) just to earn an extra buck? If the greedy misers responsible for this migration are willing to “outsource our nation’s future” for their own individual gain, what will happen to the most illustrious of our traditional trades? What shall become of our “living wage”?

As I argue in the post, these responses can really be rolled up into one simple question:

“Why do I have to share my job with Jimmy?!”

To read my answer, check out the full article.

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  • Remnant Culture

    "Why do I have to share my job with Jimmy?!" #economics #liberty #trade @cfmpl

  • Anonymous

    "Why do I have to share my job with Jimmy?!" #economics #liberty #trade @cfmpl