Morality and Economics: How Do We Discuss the Two?

I will now be writing a bi-monthly column for Ethika Politika, the blog of the Center for Morality in Public Life. Since the discussion will usually overlap with the one taking place here, I will be cross-posting excerpts to keep you in the loop.

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My first column is about the proper placement of economics in discussions of morality.

Here’s a taste:

If we want to advance economic freedom in the belief that it leads to “authentic human flourishing,” we must recognize that the actual economics are secondary to the actual morality behind them. We must understand that the most fundamental moral framework behind the free enterprise system is reinforced by the economic data — it is not defined by it.

But how are we to go about this? If we are to analyze economic issues primarily on moral grounds, where should we begin?

To hear my answer, read the full article.

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